October 6, 2015

Frightening Halloween Festivities on the Outer Banks


Once the month of October rolls around, many people have two things on their mind – pumpkins and Halloween. The first full month of weather, October is an exceptional time of year to both vacation and live on North Carolina's . Why? Because the weather is excellent, the water is still super warm, and there are plenty of pumpkins and festivities to keep you busy all month!

Here's our list of the most frightening Halloween events during the month of October on the Outer Banks.


Psychopath: The Terror Within

What are you most afraid of? What makes you cringe? Encounter creatures, maniacs, zombies, and disembodied spirits that roam freely on the desolate Fort Raleigh National Park on historic .

If your plans this October don't include a trip down PsychoPath's haunted trail, then you need to seriously reconsider your allocation of free time. Each Friday and Saturday evening in October, experience PsychoPath, The Terror Within at Waterside Theatre in Manteo, NC. (The same place where The Lost Colony outdoor drama takes place!)

More than 400 years ago, 117 men, women and mysteriously vanished from Roanoke Island without a trace – a mystery that still unsolved to this day. What will happen during your frightening tour through these mysterious woods? Are you prepared for what America's most mysterious island has in store for you?

A memorable annual event, PsychoPath promises to be bigger and scarier than ever before, with an experience that's unlike anything you've ever encountered before. Utilizing state of the scares and Hollywood quality special effects, PsychoPath is way more terrifying than just watching a horror movie on Netflix at home in the dark.

Be prepared to encounter a new level of terror! Ask about the GHOSTPASS which will allow you to skip to the front of the line without waiting. General admission is $15 and GHOSTPASS tickets are $25.

If you get too scared while wandering down the trail, you can always holler “” to be escorted out.

whalehead-legends-lore-halloweenHave you ever toured the historic Whalehead in , NC and wondered what goes on after all of the visitors have left for the day and the lights go out? Now is your chance to experience Whalehead from the inside – overnight and in the dark – on Halloween!

Built in 1925 as an opulent winter hunting retreat for his eccentric wife Marie Louise LeBel, the Whalehead's original owner Edward Collings Knight only invited 25 guests to stay overnight in their 22-room mansion during the entirety of their ownership of the property. The legends and lore surrounding this century old art nouveau masterpiece, and its regal and reclusive first owners, have grown ever since.

On October 31, at 7:00 pm, sixteen individuals will have an opportunity to participate in a lock-in sleepover at the Whalehead.

Your evening will begin with a of the house followed by a movie and snacks in the third floor meeting area.  You will then be led to one of the five floors of the house where you can spread your sleeping bag, plump up your pillow, relax and sleep the night away… if you can.  In the morning, you will be treated to breakfast on the porch of the Whalehead.

All participants will be given a flashlight, bottled water, and a radio to communicate with onsite staff. This is strictly a sleepover and there will be no attempts by the staff to “enhance” the experience. All electronic devices such cell phones, cameras, and tablets are prohibited.  Any one that does not adhere to this rule will be escorted immediately off the property and no refund will be issued.  What happens at Whalehead must stay at Whalehead.

The cost for this unique opportunity is $100 and includes the tour, movie, snacks, breakfast and a chance to experience the Whalehead like you've never experienced it before!  As there is a limited amount of space available (only 16 individuals will be allowed to participate), be sure to make your reservation as soon as possible by calling the Whalehead at 252.453.9040.


Wanchese Woods Haunted Trail

Located on Roanoke Island, just a few miles south of PsychoPath, Wanchese Woods is a truly terrifying haunted trail that's open every Friday and Saturday during the month of October.

Situated in a densely wooded area in Wanchese – Manteo's neighboring town – this haunted trail has been responsible for countless screams and numerous nightmares for everyone who's been brave enough to meander down the eerie trail.

The theme of this year's haunted trail is based on legendary creatures that roam this remote island that's only accessible by boat or bridge. As you travel down the shadowy trail in the middle of the dense woods, you'll encounter frightening beings never seen by human eyes and scream at the top of your lungs as Jonny Nepkins, weapon in hand, chases you down the secluded path.

Tickets to Wanchese Woods are $15 a person and available for purchase at the attraction… Cash only!

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