July 7, 2023

Giving Back: Doing our Part to Preserve the Outer Banks

In observance of Plastic Free July, Kitty Hawk Kites recently partnered with the Outer Banks chapter of the Surfrider Foundation for a beach cleanup. The event took place on July 2nd at Kitty Hawk Kites’ adopted Sound Access point in Jockey’s Ridge State Park, bringing in volunteers of all ages, from near and far. As a group, we collected over 200 different items of waste. And we filled up 5+ full buckets of trash and debris to make the access a cleaner space.

In the spirit of keeping the Outer Banks clean and taken care of this month (and everyday) we caught up with the Chair of the OBX Surfrider foundation, Tamera Warren, to chat about the importance of conservation, and the ways in which you can help to keep the Outer Banks and its beaches beautiful.  

Leading Community Conservation 


Kitty Hawk Kites got a chance to chat with Warren about her efforts as chair, her goals, and what others can do to help protect the Outer Banks. Warren, a resident of Kitty Hawk, and serving as chair of the Outer Banks Surfrider Foundation since 2020, cites her lifelong love for the outdoors as the driver of her environmental advocacy:

“I grew up going to the eastern shore and camping in national parks, and this is what has motivated me to fight every day to help preserve/conserve these beautiful spaces and keep its inhabitants and my community safe.” 

Tamera Warren, Outer Banks Surfrider Foundation

With this determination and attitude, Warren’s accomplishments are impressive. The initiative she is most proud of is the development of an “Adopt a Beach” project which pairs local accesses in the Outer Banks with businesses and families. Through these efforts, Kitty Hawk Kites has been able to partner with the Surfrider Foundation and adopt and care for the Jockey’s Ridge Sound Access point. This has served as a wonderful way to give back to the State Park that serves as the home of our hang gliding school and an attraction to our flagship store location in Jockey’s Ridge Crossing in Nags Head. As Warren says: 

“These ocean warriors have made a commitment to the Surfrider Foundation and their community to clean the access/beach 6 times or more a year and report back and log into a national data base what trash they have collected as having this information allows me to know what areas I need to ask state legislators for help on. 

Tamera Warren, Outer Banks Surfrider Foundation
Trash Collected by Kitty Hawk Kites and the Surfrider Foundation for a beach cleanup

What you can do to help

Warren additionally provides insight into the specific types of trash that plague our community beaches, and what efforts the public (locals and tourists alike) can make to better them. The Surfrider Foundation chair cites cigarette butts, plastic bottles/caps, and food wrappers as the 3 most prevalent trash types found on Outer Banks shores. Be sure to be cautious and responsible with your use and disposal of these items, especially when enjoying time on the beach. And if you find yourself confronting these problem items during your days in the sand, do your part to pick them up and dispose of them properly! 

Additionally, whether you, your family or friends are interested in beach cleanup during your vacation, or you’re a local looking for ways to help your community, reach out to the Surfrider Foundation, and Warren herself at 757-957-2229.  

Join us next time!

Kitty Hawk Kites and the Surfrider Foundation will be hosting 2 more beach cleanups throughout the year. Please join us once again on September 3rd and November 5th in Jockey’s Ridge State Park and give back to the OBX.  

Kitty Hawk Kites and the Surfrider Foundation are committed to teaching the world to fly through advocacy and activism. Preserving the places we love is a great way to start. Do your part to make sure that we are able to keep the Outer Banks a special place for years to come. As Warren says,  

“Remember to leave only your footprints on the beach. 

Tamera Warren, Outer Banks Surfrider Foundation

And remember that the history of flight starts with the Outer Banks. It’s our job to take care of them.

Visit kittyhawk.com/events to learn more about Kitty Hawk Kites’ involvement with the community today!


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