June 29, 2023

Hit the Ocean with the Miss Oregon Inlet Head Boat II

For the average family, an ocean fishing charter is a distant dream — private, luxury, and expensive! Many people travel to the Outer Banks understanding its incredible maritime beauty, but few ever see it up close from the bow of a ship. While fishing on the Outer Banks is an amazing experience, expenses, party sizes, and a lack of equipment make it hard for the normal vacationer to venture out on the water. The Miss Oregon Inlet Head Boat II is here to change that.  

A unique trip for all

Perhaps what makes the Miss Oregon Inlet Head Boat II stand out most is the unique opportunities it provides to its prospective customers. As a 60ft Head Boat, Miss Oregon Inlet II has room for all kinds of groups, big and small, and allows its passengers to make new friends fish and humans alike! Departing from Oregon Inlet Fishing Center, the Head Boat is revered for her Sound-fishing excursions to the best local fishing grounds such as the Old House Channel, the Hill, Green Island, and Slaughter Point. Running three trips dailyone early morning, one midday, and one at sunsetpeople can enjoy the beauty of the sound at any time of day. On these trips, customers can catch grey trout, flounder, puffer fish, crabs, and more! For sightseeing, customers get the chance to see dolphins, sea turtles, birds, and, at twilight, the most beautiful sunsets on the Outer Banks.  

Ribbon trolling on the Miss Oregon Inlet Head Boat II

Explore the Ocean

Beginning July 3rd, Miss Oregon Inlet II is excited to be running a brand-new, half-day, Ocean Fishing Trip.  This boat is built for ocean conditions and is ready take customers on excursions to troll for blue fish, Spanish mackerel, and cobia. And view creatures like dolphins, whales, and sea turtles from the comfort of the spacious vessel. As the most affordable and nearest Head Boat to the Northern Beaches of the Outer Banks, this is a unique opportunity to experience an Ocean Fishing excursion at a price that won’t break the bank. With an eager and supportive crew who are willing to help anglers of any skill level, the Miss Oregon Inlet Ocean Trips are sure to be a memory the whole family will cherish.  

Shark caught aboard an ocean fishing trip on the Miss Oregon Inlet II

The Best Crew Around

What sails above all else, is Miss Oregon Inlet II’s commitment to making their guests’ experience a special one. At the heart of this vessel is its dedicated crew. Full-time Captain, Jeffrey Gaskil, is thrilled to work hard every day to bring a smile to passengers’ faces. Mate Taylor Wilson has been on the boat for five years and provides a comforting and memorable attitude to every guest she meets. Learning all she knows about fishing and the ocean from Mrs. Sandy Griffin, Taylor considers it an honor to have learned from such a strong female presence in the Head Boat fishing industry and brings the same compassion and instruction to every customer that boards the ship. Together, all crew members of the Miss Oregon Inlet II provide much more than guidance on fishing, trolling, and the sea creatures of the Outer Banks. They provide friendship, kindness, and memories to everyone who steps onto their deck.  

Ribbon fish caught aboard the Miss Oregon Inlet Head Boat II Ocean Fishing Trip

Don’t miss the opportunity as unique as a trip on the Miss Oregon Inlet Head Boat II. Whether you long to see the ocean, the sound, or the water at twilight, the exceptional crew of this vessel is here to make your fishing dreams a reality.  

Book your own excursion today with the Miss Oregon Inlet Head Boat II at http://kittyhawk.com/adventures/miss-oregon-inlet-head-boat-fishing/

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