November 30, 2015

The Poulos Outer Banks Christmas House Returns

(Photo by Kip Tabb)

Each year, the Poulos spends 12 weeks setting up a huge holiday display at their home located in Kill Devil Hills, just outside of the entrance to Nags Head Woods. Thousands of people stop by the home in December after the sun has gone down to view the family's arrangement that costs a staggering $3,500 in extra energy bills every month.

The Poulos family has lived on the  for years, and has been celebrating the holiday season by lighting up their neighborhood for decades. They spend hundreds of hours of their personal time along with thousands of dollars each year with the goal of simply spreading the holiday cheer.

You can view the Poulos family's holiday display from mid-November through December 31st. Apart from Winter Lights at the Elizabethan Gardens in , NC, this light display is the most impressive you'll find on the barrier islands!

Directions to the Outer Banks Christmas House

Heading South on Rt. 158 into Kill Devil Hills Proceed to light at Acres Drive (opposite McDonald's) Turn right at Ocean Acres Drive The road will change from paved to gravel as you go up a hill. Just over the top of the hill you will find the Poulos home. And you'll be able to tell which home is there's, as the lights display is difficult to miss!

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