March 25, 2022

Local Secrets… Shhhh

Every time I wander to a new place I find myself wondering, “Are they local?” “Do you think they live here?” We all do it. It is plain and simple curiosity. What did they say about that cat? Curiosity got him? Okay, okay. Enough of the bad jokes. We’ve got some local secrets for you to take with you on your Outer Banks vacation this year!

Groceries But Make it Local

Grab some fresh catch at O’Neil’s in Wanchese, Carawan’s in Kitty Hawk, or Seaside in Corolla. Just about every town in the Outer Banks has a seafood market so you can grab some fresh catch. Not to mention the fresh produce stands along the island are hard to miss! Imagine fresh tuna steak on the grill with some local asparagus and mashed potatoes… come on!! Why not show our farmers and waterman some love!

Let’s Talk Beach Gear

We promise you do not need ALL that extra stuff! Grab a BOGG bag from our store and toss in your essentials! Your back will thank you too! If you want to fly your brand-new kite, then Pea Island is the perfect spot. Plenty of room out there. Just grab a 4×4 permit online on your way! Oh and don’t be a kook. Let the air out of your tires!

We won’t say much about it, but we will let you know that your glass bottles are legal. Just toss ‘em when you leave!

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

This is the beach, there are few roses here but there is no lack of good coffee! Here are a few Local favorites around the islands!

  • Corolla: The Kind Cup

  • Kitty Hawk: Ashleys Espresso Parlour

  • Nags Head: Morning View Coffee and Roastery

  • Manteo: Front Porch Café and Charis Coffee Co.

  • Avon: Isla Coffee Shop

  • Ocracoke: The Magic Bean Coffee

The Most Important Meal of the Day

There are tons of breakfast spots around the Island, you should try them all at some point! But Salt Box Café in Colington will always have our hearts. They serve vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian options as well as classic breakfast choices. What more could you want? Nestled off a curve on Colington Rd. with sweet outdoor seating, a mermaid pond, and quality service. Tip your wait staff and have patience! That goes for everywhere you eat!

Local Nightlife

You have two options here folks. You can brave the bar lines, or you can spend time together at your decked-out beach house! There are perks to either choice but if you choose to go out here are some of the favorite local watering holes. At Roadside Backside Bar, you must try the Fly Swatter drink. Chili Peppers has a nice outdoor area with ring toss. Brewing Station and Swellsa are the hot and happening breweries. Anywhere you go, you are going to have a fun time if you have a good crew to go with. Drink responsibly as always. We have plenty of taxi services available on the island, so plan ahead!

Let us know your favorite local spots in the comments!

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