October 30, 2015

The World’s Largest Kite

At our half dozen or so kite festivals during the year on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and Destin, FL, we put a number of large, show kites in the air that can easily be spotted from miles away. Some of our favorites include the giant panda, octopus, fish and of course, the 100-foot long blue whale kite.

These gargantuan kites may be some of the largest in the United States, however they are not the largest on Earth. In fact, these kites pale in comparison to the world’s largest large kite, which is a 360-foot long, 49-foot wide black octopus kite requires 30 people to operate it!

With eight tentacles and two red eyes, the massive show kite weighs in at a whopping 440 pounds.

The ‘Mollusk Octopus’ kite was designed and created by the Heige Kite Team from Tianjin (located in central China) in 2013. Certainly this wouldn’t be a good kite for a first-time flyer or a child, but it would make a great gift for a avid kite enthusiast… Although I’m quite certain this is not a kite that’s available for purchase. (If it was, it’d probably cost more than most people’s cars!)

Below are some photos of the impressive kite on display at the Hohhot First Kite Festival in Xilamuren, China.



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