August 26, 2021

You Say You Want a Revolution?

What is a Revolution Quad Line kite?

Revolution kites are bowtie-shaped, multi-directional kites which are capable of flying forward, backward, sideways, adjusting speed, stopping, and hovering in any position. Revolutions are controlled using 4 lines, rather than 2, which allows the pilot to control each wing independently. These kites are ideal for stunt kite pilots who are seeking a highly-responsive and precise kite flying experience.

Origin of the Revolution Kite

The Revolution kite was released at the 1989 KTA Kite trade show in San Diego, California. However, the kite was in development by the Hadzicki brothers for about two years prior to that. The Revolution wing shape is inspired by an airplane as opposed to a kite. The bowtie shape and 4-point bridle system allows the pilot to control each wing independently and redirect the airflow to cause forward or reverse flight. This new “revolutionary kite” was capable of instantaneous stopping, reverse flight in any direction, full speed control in both forward and reverse flight, and propeller-like spins.
Blue, black, and lime Revolution quad line kite

Evolution of the Revolution Kite

The original Revolution I design, at an approximately 9′ wingspan, was a highly stable kite and is considered slow by today’s standards. The Revolution II, with a 6′ wingspan, is extremely fast and provides an entirely different experience. The Rev 1.5 debuted in 1995 became the choice for competition fliers. At a wingspan of 7.5 feet, it offers stability similar to the original Rev I with a lot of the quickness of the Rev II. In 2007, Revolution introduced the B-series, which was modeled on the 1.5 size, but incorporated some innovations of recreational fliers. Recently, Revolution introduced Reflex Technology to their kites, which allows the wing to dynamically change shape in flight by applying pressure to the sail via a spring attached to the spars on the back of the kite. This increases the stability of the kite and allows it to self-correct when the kite reaches the edge of the wind window.

Is a Revolution Kite Right for You?

With its responsiveness, control, and precision, the Revolution kite can be an irresistible purchase for the right kite flyer. If you live in an area with variable or light winds, the Revolution may allow you to fly in conditions where you would find flying a dual-line stunt kite more challenging. In any case, the Revolution kite is a must-have for any serious kite flyer.

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