August 20, 2021

Back to Basics – Framed Dual Line Stunt Kites

Today we’re going to start at the beginning with stunt kiting. Asking such questions as: What is a stunt kite?

A stunt kite, also commonly known as a sport kite, is a kite that can be maneuvered in the air. One common configuration for a sport kite is a roughly triangular “delta” shape with two lines for control (thus making it a dual-line kite). Francis Rogallo began selling the Flexi-kite in 1948, which gave way to the stunt kites we see today.

Dual-line stunt kites are controlled by the flyer, or pilot, providing or releasing tension on each of the lines. Pulling on the right line causes the kite to turn right, and pulling on the left line turns the kite left. From those simple controls, the pilot can maneuver the kite through the air, executing simple tricks like dives, turns, or barrel rolls. By creating slack in the lines, the pilot can execute more advanced maneuvers, allowing the kite to stall and reengage by adding or releasing tension on the lines.

The Kitty Hawk Comet is an entry-level stunt kite. Due to its easy handling and gentle flying characteristics, the Comet is a fantastic choice for beginners.

The Comet’s frame made of a mix of fiberglass and carbon-fiberglass hybrid technology is extremely solid and nearly indestructible. This allows the Comet to withstand crashes without much injury.

The Kitty Hawk Comet dual line stunt kite ensures a precise and stable flight even at higher wind speeds and is the perfect kite to learn all the basic tricks. The Kitty Hawk Comet dual line sport kite comes Ready-To-Fly with kite, line set, and carrying bag.

Skill Level: Beginner
Kite Size: 64″ Wide, 33″ High
Wind Range: 4-24
Frame: Fiberglass 5mm and Fiberglass/Carbon Hybrid 4mm
Fabric: Polyester
Included line set: 100# x 66′ blended line set on winder with flying straps is included!

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