November 19, 2019

Club 38 Training Program

Quad line stunt kites are amazing. If you have ever seen them fly, it's astonishing what precision and accuracy they have with every turn and trick. And it may look hard, but it just takes practice like any sport. That is why Revolution Kites has put together their Club 38 Training Program

The Revolution quad line kite.
A Revolution quad line kite.

There are so many tricks to learn. Sometimes it is hard to get started and get a trick down before moving on to another one. But lays everything out for you. 

How It Works

In Club 38 you are going to master 38 moves split into 8 levels. They will take you from setup all the way to the most advanced capabilities of the Revolution. The levels progress building on the previous moves. At the end of the level, you are taught a pattern, which encompasses all of the moves for that level. And there will also be a fun challenge to play with.

After mastering the pattern, take a of yourself performing it. Then send it to Revolution or meet at a Club 38 hub, where you will be checked off. They will then send you your level pin and your next card and will do this for all 8 levels. Each card contains a QR code for easy viewing of the lessons, pattern, and challenge. At the end of the 8 levels, you will be a world-class Revolution flyer!

Joining is

Want to sign up? Joining is free, and can be done at your own pace. Sign up at Revolution Kites website today 

Don't Forget Your Rev

The Revolution quad line kite.
A Revolution quad line kite.

Haven't gotten a Revolution Kite yet? Don't worry! We have a great stock of , and even some sale kites while supplies last! And each new revolution kite includes a training DVD and a Club 38 card.

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