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More Than a Hobby

By |2022-02-24T11:59:27-05:00February 24, 2022|Kite Flying, Kitty Hawk Kites|

Kite flying is not exactly something that comes to most people’s minds when thinking of skills. For most, it is maybe something that they do once or twice in their lifetime. Taking a simple kite and holding onto it or running to keep it in the air for an hour or two if that. For our guest author, Lily,, it has become something more than that.

Revolution Kites Club 38 Training Program

By |2020-02-18T14:36:59-05:00November 19, 2019|Kite Flying|

Quad line stunt kites are amazing. If you have ever seen them fly, it's astonishing what precision and accuracy they have with every turn and trick. And it may look hard, but it just takes practice like any sport. That is why Revolution Kites has put together their Club 38 Training Program!

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