May 24, 2012

Kites Announces New JetPak !

Make By JetLev Today!

, NC, May 21, 2012 is now offering an exclusive JetPak experience that is sure to thrill and fascinate visitors and residents alike. The JetLev R200 creates a smooth and stable ride with the ability to climb, dive, and hover up to thirty feet above and below the surface by using advanced water pressure to jet the participant into the air.

The begins by boarding the thirty-two foot pontoon boat called the “Launch Pad” for a quick ride out of the Manteo Waterfront to a designated area out on the gorgeous Sound. Once on board the instructor will introduce participants to all of the features of the JetLev R200.

Our JetPak lessons are about two and a half hours long and include thirty minutes of flight time per person. Beginner through Advanced JetPak Adventure Reservations are available by calling 877.359.8447. Learn more about JetPak lessons and more at

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