June 21, 2017

Wacky Weather? Welcome to the Outer Banks!

Beach in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

The Outer Banks was once considered simply a summer destination for weary vacationers. Looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and unwind on the beaches of the .

During the last half-decade or so, travelers have been flocking to the area not only during the sizzling summer months. But also during what is considered the offseason, which is otherwise known as the , and winter seasons.

With mild winters and a rather pleasant fall and spring, the Outer Banks has transformed into a year-round vacation destination. These barrier islands enjoy around 200 sunny days each year, with a year-round average temperature hovering around 70°.

Wind is an everyday constant on the Outer Banks (the came here for a reason) and can range from gentle southwest breezes to strong northeast storm winds.

Forecasting the weather on the Outer Banks can often be difficult because of the changing winds and tides. So many of the locals often say, “Give it five minutes.” Everyone here has a story about forecasted rain in a forecast that ended up being a perfect sunny day. This is something to keep in mind when considering booking activities. In the case of severe weather, some activities will be “wind checked.” But does their best to reschedule the activity for the next opportunity of favorable weather.

Outer Banks Seasons


Ah, summer! If you're staying on the Outer Banks during the summer months, expect average lows from the mid 70°'s to highs near 90°. During this time of year, average temperatures can climb to 85°. But even on the hottest summer days, you can expect a slight to moderate ocean breeze to help keep you cool even though the temperature is scorching. In the summer, the wind typically blows out of the southwest and picks up speed in the late afternoon.


Considered by many year-round area locals to be the best time of year on the Outer Banks, vacationers should consider a trip to the area. Plan on spending the day outdoors enjoying cool ocean breezes and temperatures in the lower 80°'s in September and mid-70°'s in October. Easily the busiest time of year for events on the Outer Banks. So consider planning your trip around the Outer Banks Seafood Festival, OBX Brewtag, Mustang , Outer Banks Bluegrass Festival, or the Jazz Festival.


During the winter, temperatures are usually cool, though the wind can make it feel colder. Temperatures during the day usually hover around the lower 50°'s, with nights averaging in the upper 30°'s.


Typically a very mild season, temperatures during the spring months can be very unpredictable. Average daytime temperatures are normally in the upper 60°'s and lower 70°'s

Jennette's Pier in Nags Head, North Carolina

Outer Banks Weather Averages

The weather readings below reflect the average temperatures (degrees Fahrenheit), wind velocity (MPH), and precipitation (inches) from Cape Hatteras, NC. These temperatures have been provided by The National Weather Service Newport Office.


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