May 24, 2012

40th Annual Hang Gliding Spectacular

Flying the 1902 Wright Glider Replica

Nags Head, NC, May 25, 2012 – This past weekend held the 40th Annual at Jockey’s Ridge State Park. While the weather proved to be too unstable for a complete competition, the participants were still able to make some history! On Saturday, May 19th those who participated in the competition were given the opportunity to fly the 1902 Wright Glider replica built by the Wright Experience.

This replica glider flies just like the glider the Wright Brother’s used in 1902 during their research, which eventually lead to the first powered plane. The Wright Glider flies best in winds of 15-25 miles per hour, which made Saturday an ideal time to take the glider out for flight. The forty-four enthusiasts who were present for the event on Saturday were thrilled to be a part of these historical flights.

Before the day started only thirty people in the world had ever flown a glider like the 1902 Wright Glider. Among the participants who flew on Saturday was Tom Price, Foundation Hall of Fame Inductee 2012, who said, “The glider was very easy to fly and I felt very comfortable with the control system. I hope to have the opportunity to fly it again someday.” Those who participated in the 40th Annual this past weekend flew away with a memory that will certainly last a lifetime.

We are currently taking reservations to fly the 1902 Wright Glider replica. If you are interested in making a little this summer, be sure to contact our reservations department for more information, 877.359.8447. Learn more about the and other events hosted by at


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