August 14, 2015

OBX Pirate Week a Fun Time

Thrust, slash, parry. Instructions in pirate sword techniques.

Thrust, slash, parry. Instructions in sword techniques.

“Thrust . . . slash . . . parry!” The pirate weapons instructor commanded his young charge. Over and over the boy practiced the commands, his arms tired, legs weary, but at the end of it, the lad was ready to step on board with his 18” saber made of the finest plastic to be found.

Then it was to the cannon drill, firing off the two pound falcon and it's mate, then the eight pounder followed by the the booming 12 pounder putting the fear of any scalawag or pirate within hearing of Jockey's Ridge.

The 8 pounder fires a shot.

The 8 pounder fires a shot.

Pirate Week at Kitty Hawk Kites was a great week of fun for everyone— and , the pirates . . . but mostly the . Filled with important information about be a scalawag and how to use a pirate sword and the fearful medical things that would happen if a pirate were to be cut by a sword or ill, it was a great reminder of the heritage of the .

For visitors coming next week, Pirate Week will be gone, but there's still lots to do.

August 19 is National Day. Free admission all day at the Wright Brothers Memorial, with lots of related activities . . . kite making, historic aircraft will be on hand and much more.

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