June 9, 2022

Shakey Graves Takes on the OBX!

What's up ! Who is ready for a summer lineup? I know we are, and for one in particular. Shakey Graves is coming to town! And we had to opportunity to catch up with him and share the excitement about his upcoming show.

Alejandro – aka Shakey – is soon to be hittin' the road to kick off his tour. He will be headed our way from Florida to set the stage at Park. We got to chatting about his touring style and what he does for different shows. Alejandro likes to switch it up. No one show is exactly the same.

“What you're going to see is whatever is on my mind that day”

– Shakey Graves

We can appreciate switching it up when you have the opportunity. Whether it be starting solo or hitting the ground running with the full band, Festival Park will be jamming.

When asked if we could expect anything different for his Outer Banks show Alejandro responded with, “I was probably going to glide in on one of the Wright gliders”. Imagine our excitement to learn that Alejandro was keen on the world! Maybe we'll get him on a lesson or a tandem . We will keep you all updated on that…

Alejandro will be joined on tour with his band mates. He has played as a solo act and with a band, so it will be great to see the whole crew in action. This iteration of friends came together during the pandemic. This group is a 6 piece, but only 5 will be on tour this year. They are excited to get on the road and keep making music. They band is producing a “serious record” as we speak. We can't wait to hear some new and some classic at the show.

If you haven't purchased tickets yet you should! Head to VusicFest.com to purchase your Shakey Graves ticket and look at other upcoming shows!

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