April 23, 2015

The weather has turned springtime spectacular–lots of sunshine, temperatures have stayed moderate and the daytime breezes are a reminder of how perfect the Outer Banks is for sports.

Coming in for a landing at the 2014 Hang Gliding Spectacular

Coming in for a landing at the 2014 Spectacular.

The big event for springtime sports is coming up in just a few weeks—the Kitty Hawk Kites 43rd Annual Hang Gliding Spectacular is May 15-18. Held at Jockey's Ridge State Park, right across from the flagship  store in Nags Head, it's a competition but there's a lot of fun to it and as hang gliding competitions go, this one is very viewer friendly, according to VP of Recreation Bruce Weaver.

“It's an introduction to a lot of people to dune ,” he said. “It's very spectator friendly.”

It is a competition. “The oldest around,” Bruce mentioned. But after 43 years the event has become as much about renewing old friendships as it is competing. “We view it as a kind of reunion,” he said. “It's not a cutthroat completion by any means.”

The competition runs Friday through Monday, although the Monday competition are aero towing . It's difficult to say if there is a highlight to the weekend. The dune competition is fun to watch. For a real feel for what the event is like though, check out the Woody Jones Memorial Street Dance on Saturday night in the Nags Head store parking lot. It's always a lot of fun with old friends stopping by.

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