May 27, 2021

49th Annual Hang Gliding Spectacular Recap

This past May 13th-16th, we hosted the 49th Annual Hang Gliding Spectacular at Jockey’s Ridge State Park and the Cotton Gin in Jarvisburg, NC. Pilots from across the United States joined us to compete and celebrate hang gliding. Get yourself up to date on the results of the Spectacular with this recap. Enjoy!


Below are all the scores from each round. The scores are divided out in to each of the following categories: Aerotow Competition, Advanced Dune Competition, and Novice Dune Competition.

Winner’s Circle

All of our competitors flew spectacularly this weekend. Congratulations to all of our winners and pilots on their fantastic flights.

Aerotow Competition

49th HG Spectacular Aerotow winners

Mike Pattishall, Willie Vaughn, and Beau Buck. Aerotow competition winners.

1st Place Beau Buck
2nd Place Willie Vaughn
3rd Place Michael Pattishall

Novice Dune Competition

49th HG Spectacular novice dune winners

Lynsey Harris, Megan Turner, and Michael Vaughn. Novice Dune Competition winners.

1st Place Michael Vaughn
2nd Place Megan Turner
3rd Place Lynsey Harris

Advanced Dune Competition

49th HG Spectacular advanced dune winners

Billy Vaughn, Paul Mazzoni, and Willie Vaughn. Advanced Dune Competition winners.

1st Place Willie Vaughn
2nd Place Paul Mazzoni
3rd Place Billy Vaughn

Fly Fly Fly Award

hang glider at Jockey's Ridge State Park sand dunes

Fly Fly Fly Award winner, Willie Vaughn, flying at Jockey’s Ridge State Park

Willie Vaughn

Ring Toss Winners

1st Place James Mike Cranstone
2nd Place Sean Comer

Rogallo Hall of Fame

Rogallo Hall of Fame inductees

Left to right: John Harris, Russell Brown, Campbell Bowen, GW Meadows, Carol Sparks, and Sandra Allen.

Along with a weekend of hang gliding, we inducted to members into the Rogallo Hall of Fame. Please join us in thanking Russell Brown and Campbell Bowen for their contributions to hang gliding and in making areotow safe and viable for everyone. It is an honor to have them in our community.

Until Next Time

Thanks to all of our competitors, pilots, spectators, and crew members for making this event happen. Go ahead and mark your calendars for May 12-15, 2022 for the 50th Annual Hang Gliding Spectacular! Fly Fly Fly!

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