May 23, 2013

June Featured Kiteboarding Products

We touched base with our kiteboarding team down at Waves Village Resort to find out what the hot products of the month are and here's what they told us:


The 2013 Axis Universal Kiteboard Pad & Strap system features a dual density super comfortable pad which allows you to move your heel around when you change directions. The base plate has five slots that allow the footbed to be mounted on any angle. This system is one size fits all and comes with screws and an Axis screwdriver.

Mystic 2013 YZ Crossfire Wetsuit

Mystic 2013 YZ Crossfire Longarm Shorty

The Mystic 2013 Mens YZ Crossfire 3/2 Longarm Shorty is designed especially for kite and wake boarders! This shorty wetsuit has 60% M-Flex neoprene, freedom of movement and a design that will keep you comfortable in warmer conditions. This shorty is light weight with excellent technology!

Mystic 2013 YZ PRO Waist Harness

Mystic 2013 Artistic YZ Pro Kite Waist Harness

World Champion Youri Zoon released his first signature harness in 2012. Last year's version was built based on the Mystic Shadow harness and thi syear Youri has modified the new Mystic Artistic harness with the addition of the fixed HP system and his own color scheme. The Artistic Waist Harness is the first multidiscipline harness in the Mystic lineup and is suited for kitesurfers and windsurfers!


Mystic 2013 Majestic Quick Dry Short Sleeve Shirt

The Mystic Majestic Quick Dy Short Sleeve Shirt is a loose fit rash vest/quick dry shirt is the perfect kiting accessory helping to keep you warm and protected from sun and rash. The technical features of this water shirt are flatlock stitch technology, heavy quality rash guard with a soft touch, and UV protection (UPF 50+).

Summer Demo Days

In addition to these product highlights, the Kitty Hawk Kites Kiteboarding crew wanted to let everyone know that starting next week we will be hosting weekly demos every Wednesday through Labor Day! Test out and boards at the Waves Village Kiteboarding Resort‘s waterfront – open to the public and launch site!

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