September 10, 2020

Turn Virtual Learning into Hands-On Fun!

This school year has just begun and we’re all tired of it already. Virtual learning is a challenge for students, parents, and teachers alike. What we all need is a little fun. So we put together a list of our favorite new toys. And best of all, all of these can also be used as educational tools!

  • Mind Benders
  • Books
  • Puzzles

Mind Benders

Give yourself a mental challenge. Our Mind Bender puzzles will train your brain. Featuring toys from our favorite brands including Fun in Motion, Toysmith, Winning Moves, and more.


Books are a classic way to continue learning at home. We have books for students of all ages. Whether you’re learning to read or reading to learn, books offer endless potential.


Exercise your problem-solving skills with a new puzzle! Puzzles are a great way to spend your time with the added benefit that they can be completed in a group or on your own. Choose the perfect size for your student, from 60 to 1000 pieces.

Educational Toy Brands

The brands below have perfected the art of fun and educational toys. Find a great addition to your virtual learning toolkit. Check them out and make learning fun!

  1. Kanoodle
  2. Project Genius
  3. Melissa & Doug
  4. Metal Earth
  5. UGears
  6. Wooden City


Kanoodle gravity educational game

A caboodle of brain-teasing puzzles! Kanoodle Games are from our good friends at Educational Insights. These puzzle games offer students of all ages the chance to work on their critical thinking, spatial reasoning, strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills. Work together and add an element of teamwork to the mix!

Project Genius

Project Genius is focused on the curation of quality puzzles, timeless design, modern sophistication, and most importantly on the opportunity for each of us to discover our capabilities for ourselves. 

Like most of you, we enjoy the challenge of solving a clever puzzle. We want to surround ourselves with artifacts that inspire our senses and stimulate our curiosity.  By designing puzzles with the utmost attention to every detail in mind, Project Genius has curated a line of timeless brainteasers that you would be just as happy to display as you would be to play.

Melissa & Doug

There was a time not so long ago when childhood offered space and freedom for children to explore their world. Today, our overstimulated and over-scheduled children are using their imaginations less than ever. That’s why Melissa & Doug has committed to making products that inspire creative thinking and encourage kids to see new possibilities. It’s also why the American Academy of Pediatrics chose to join forces with them to champion the health benefits of open-ended play.

Melissa & Doug makes toys and other products that offer countless ways to play. We believe the best playthings are often simple concepts that inspire children to come up with their own twists.

Metal Earth

Metal Earth Eagle Plane kit

Our Metal Earth 3D Model kits are sure to blow your mind! Their goal is to captivate the imagination and inspire wonder. Designed to illustrate many magical aspects of our world, these products will cause you to react with amazement! By working with engineers, scientists, magicians, and most importantly, kids young and old, Metal Earth is proud to bring you the best in truly unique Gifts and Toys. So come see what amazing products we’ve got in store for you. CHECK ‘EM OUT!!


Ugears wooden mechanical horse kit

UGears is the creator and manufacturer of unique self-propelled mechanical model kits designed for self-assembly without glue and made entirely of high-grade wooden material.

Some of these models draw inspiration from real-life mechanisms, some embody our unique ideas. All of them have been designed by UGEARS from scratch. These models are the original gift, fun, and smart hobby for kids and grown-ups of all ages. They’ve employed engineering know-how and production fine-tuning to ensure the assembly of our models is an engaging and rewarding experience for the whole family.

Wooden City

Wooden City Magic clock model

Wooden City Mechanical Models are the best gifts for any occasion. It gives satisfaction from creations and will look good in the interior. You can assemble 3-D wooden puzzles just by yourself or with your family.

These wooden sets have been carefully designed. They all have detailed step-by-step instructions. All of this helps buyers to assemble our models clearly and will enjoy high-quality products with every single purchase. Prepare for a whole new level of intellectual entertainment for adults and kids!

We hope these help you to triumph over your virtual learning dilemmas. Make learning apart of your daily life without making it feel like a chore. Explore all of our educational toys for more inspiration.

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