March 10, 2022


Kitty Hawk Kites has partnered with the COLORSxGOOD brand to bring their bracelets into our stores. The more we discovered about the work behind the bracelets, the more we wanted to know!

The idea behind the company is to spread good vibes using color therapy, in the form of a bracelet. Whether it is faith, love, kindness, or femininity, COLORSxGOOD seeks to change the world one bracelet at a time.

The Story of Colors for Good

The company started 5 years ago in El Cuyo, in Yucatán. The women of this small fishing village were extremely limited in how they could contribute to their communities due to a lack of job opportunities. COLORSxGOOD saw an opportunity to employ these women who were seeking a job, independence, or just some extra money to support themselves and their families. From these humble beginnings, COLORSxGOOD has grown to employ 50+ women across four different towns across the Yucatán.

The production works like this: There are leaders within each community who build their own team members to create a fully functioning manufacturing center. COLORSxGOOD runs deep within families and individuals who become part of the team.

The Women of Colors for Good

One woman, Gloria, has 3 younger generations in her home also working to making bracelets. Gloria is 81 years old and living with her daughter, Gina, and granddaughter, Josefina. Ginas’ work ethic and technique are unmatched even by her younger family members, and she often out-produces them. Gloria has done so well that she now acts as quality control, teaching newcomers to make the bracelets and ensuring that each bracelet is the best quality. Gloria is a key part of the COLORSxGOOD team, and she continues to contribute her expertise in product quality while still making bracelets with the women on her team.

Women like Gloria gather in these small Caribbean towns to make bracelets and share stories—stories about the past, their prior hardships, and their newfound independence. COLORSxGOOD is providing more than a job. They are empowering women to improve their lives and spark a social impact in their communities. They also source their materials responsibly, sustainably, and locally; as well as sponsoring causes that are important to home for their customers.

The Impact of Colors for Good

COLORSxGOOD’s socially responsible production model empowers the women who make the bracelets. Employing these women provides them with opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have. COLORSxGOOD also gives back to over 10 NGOs that are working to make the world a better place.

Kitty Hawk Kites has teamed up with COLORSxGOOD to make a difference here in the Outer Banks. Together, we are making two special bracelets benefiting the Corolla Wild Horse Fund and the Outer Banks Center for Dolphin Research, two organizations in our small coastal community that continue to make tremendous impact. Kitty Hawk Kites has pledged to donate $2 from the sale of each special edition bracelet to these organizations. Help us support our local wildlife and grab a bracelet today.

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