March 27, 2024

Women’s Month: Women helping KHK Soar

We couldn’t let March pass us by without celebrating Women’s Month, and more importantly, the women that help make Kitty Hawk Kites an uplifting experience for everyone! It’s a little-known fact that women pretty much run the show that keeps our adventures and our retail stores running and pleasing customers, everyday!  

It takes a team of strong leaders to teach the world to fly! One cool thing about Kitty Hawk Kites and our story is that so many leaders, past and present have been women! Currently, 59% of our management team is female, while we also boast a majority female administrative team, as well as an all-female accounting department, led by a female CFO. Two out of our four core recreational activities have women leading their day-to-day operations, and so many women work tirelessly every day as adventure instructors, retail associates, and more to keep everything excellent for the thousands who enjoy all that Kitty Hawk Kites has to offer! Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the amazing women who work hard every day to uplift others and give them soaring experiences! 

Name: Rowan Kelly

Years at KHK: 3

Position: Former Zipline Operations Coordinator- Morningside Flight Park, current Assistant Reservations Manager

Fun fact: “I was really scared of heights; I took my zip lining gig up north to conquer that fear!”

Favorite Aspect of Working for Kitty Hawk Kites: “Honestly, going into a big office like ours, you never know what the atmosphere is going to be like. I was so pleasantly surprised with kind, likeminded people who are just here to make the dream happen: Teach the world to fly. For me, to get people to conquer their fears and get outside!”

Name: Penelope Carroll

Years at KHK: 9 months

Position: Executive Assistant

Fun fact: “I can be seen onstage at Theatre of Dare’s ‘Four Old Broads’ at the end of April!”

Favorite Aspect of Working for Kitty Hawk Kites: “I get to do all kinds of different things and work with some great people. Because I’m not typically face-to-face with customers all the time, I find it fun and refreshing to be called on to work retail or reservations.”

Name: Laura Fealtman

Years at KHK: 6 years

Position: Store Manager- Hatteras, NC

Fun fact: “I’ve had oil paintings travel my home state and currently have a painting that my high school art teacher did of a photograph I took of my sister in a field in the state museum.”

Favorite Aspect of Working for Kitty Hawk Kites: “Flying kites and getting to know customers and their stories.”

Name: Kat Vera

Years at KHK: 5 months

Position: Assistant Store Manager at Kitty Hawk Surf Co.- Nags Head, NC

Fun fact: “I absolutely love to paint!”

Favorite Aspect of Working for Kitty Hawk Kites: “Getting to meet people visiting from all different places and of course being at the beach :)”

Name: Stephanie Harkness-Moxley

Years at KHK: 4 years in May!

Position: Assistant Manager- Reservations & Group Sales

Fun fact: “I am on the board of directors for Theatre of Dare and heavily involved in productions!”

Favorite Aspect of Working for Kitty Hawk Kites: “The variety of people I interact with on a daily basis. I love talking to people and helping them plan their vacation activities and just finding common ground! It really is a small world, and working reservations you can chat up the guest and see just how small it is.”

Name: Kristal Willis

Years at KHK: 2

Position: General Manager- Good Winds Restaurant

Fun fact: “I love people!”

Favorite Aspect of Working for Kitty Hawk Kites: “The guests who visit our restaurant”

Name: River Sunfeather-Fealtman

Years at KHK: 3

Position: Store Manager- Avon, NC

Fun fact: “I used to play guitar for a thrash metal band, hold a degree in ministry, and love indie comics.”

Favorite Aspect of Working for Kitty Hawk Kites: “I get to fly kites and meet really great people every day.”

Name: Megan Turner

Years at KHK: 7

Position: Co-Manager of KHK Hang Gliding School- Jockey’s Ridge State Park

Fun fact: “I have a dog named Pilot!”

Favorite Aspect of Working for Kitty Hawk Kites: “Teaching the world to fly! But seriously – I love that my job has purpose. I am inspired by so many of our students and am constantly reminded why I do what I do. I’m also extremely passionate about supporting and training our instructors; they’re ultimately the ones going out into the world and keeping the sport alive!”

Name: Lauren Kaye

Years at KHK: 2

Position: Store Manager- Corolla, NC

Fun fact: “I can wiggle my ears.”

Favorite Aspect of Working for Kitty Hawk Kites: “The customers & all the fun products!”

Name: Kathie Harkness

Years at KHK: 4

Position: Retail Sales Keyholder- Manteo, NC

Fun fact: “I met Ron Howard (the actor and director) while working one day!”

Favorite Aspect of Working for Kitty Hawk Kites: “Meeting interesting people, everyday!”

This is just a quick snippet of the amazing ladies who are a part of the Kitty Hawk Kites family! So many women, with unique interests and experiences, make up the incredible culture and 50 year story of Kitty Hawk Kites. We appreciate and celebrate them today, and everyday, because without them, teaching the world to fly would be a whole lot harder!

If you’re interested in joining the family, find your perfect fit at Kitty Hawk Kites! We’re always looking to grow the crew and celebrate the people who make us who we are!

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