May 22, 2019

Why Learn to Hang Glide with Kitty Hawk Kites?

Do you ever get that urge just to try something new? Sometimes life calls you to do something completely out of the ordinary and unexpected. Get our of your rut and learn to hang glide at Kites. It's endlessly fun and easily accessible, especially from the greater Raleigh-Durham area. 

learning to hang glide at Jockey's Ridge

Kitty Hawk Kites isn't your typical . Located in Jockey's Ridge State Park and operating for almost 50 years, Kitty Hawk Kites is one of the most successful schools in the world. Lessons take place atop sand dunes, which stand 80 feet above the expansive beaches below. Nearby on the mainland, tandem flights up to a mile high teach students fly in one of the most scenic and safe locations in the United States. 

Dune Hang Gliding

An intro lesson begins on the dunes, beside the Atlantic and the Albemarle Sound. Looking over the water, students soar above the ground for the first time. Then gently land in the sand after a thrilling flight. Instructors describe all the basics in detail: how to steer, how to control speed, how to relax and keep eyes on a target. All while catering to each student's unique learning style. Early lessons aim to make students as comfortable as possible in the air. Making this an easy way to discover if flying is something they want to pursue in more depth.

dune hang gliding lesson

After the dunes, student pilots get their first taste of flying at altitude with a tandem instructor at the scenic nearby. After towing up behind and releasing from an ultralight aircraft at 2000 or 5280 feet, students and their instructor get to experience the wonders of flight thousands of feet above the ground, gracefully floating above the ocean and the countryside. Hang gliding is a relaxing, peaceful experience, but there are still exhilarating options for students that want more excitement. Tandem instructors can take thrill-seekers on a roller coaster ride, turning sharply and stall diving all the way down.

Tandem hang glide flight

Both play well into a weekend or week-long getaway from the hustle and bustle of a busy life. Stay on the , fly twice a day, and enjoy the magic of 's ! It's the perfect recipe for escaping the crazy schedule of everyday life. And perfect for discovering something new and unique in a beautiful place. 

Hang Gliding Instructors

Another reason to learn to fly hang gliders at Kitty Hawk Kites is the incredible flying community. Nowhere else can you find so much joy and excitement for the beauty of flight. The instructors are all at Jockey's Ridge for one reason: to spread the stoke for flying, of noisy engines. Everyone's ultimate goal at Kitty Hawk Hang Gliding School is to make sure that every student has the flight of a lifetime. And to cultivate a deep joy in our ability to experience soaring without heavy machinery. 

Hang gliding instructors on Jockey's Ridge

Kitty Hawk Kites wants to make it easy to learn how to hang glide, like we've done for nearly 50 years. Hang gliding might be an obscure sport, but it's far more accessible than you might realize. Kitty Hawk Kites has all the gear necessary, from beginner to advanced hang gliders, harnesses, and helmets. Our instructors' number 1 priority is safety, and learning how to fly has never been more fun. So here's to trying new things, breaking free from everyday life, and enjoying this beautiful world from the sky.

We hope you'll meet us on the dunes!


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