May 5, 2022

What to Pack in Your Beach Bag

Summer is around the corner! nd with some hot sunny days sprinkled throughout the week we thought it was time to get our favorite products together for the summer 2022 beach season! We know there are tons of items that are perfect for the beach but if we had to choose here is what we are bringing:

1. Pick Your Bag

First, we need to have a bag of course! We love the beach, but sand does get umm… everywhere. We have a solution. Bogg bags are a huge hit this year and we have them in our stores. Lightweight, sturdy handles, holes that let the sand out and you can pack it to the max!

2. Lather on the SPF

In our Bogg bag were packing our Sunbum items. 30 SPF and some Hair Lightener to really bring out those summer highlights in a way that won’t damage your hair. Some SPF chapstick because sunburnt lips are the worst! And finally some leave-in conditioner so we don’t have to worry about tangles after our ocean dips!

3. Stay Hydrated

Next, we are bringing a big water bottle so we can stay hydrated and a Yeti koozie to keep our cans cool in the heat! Most public beach accesses have trash cans so just remember to take your trash with you.

4. Protect Your Skin

The sun is intense on the Outer Banks so remember to pack a long-sleeved shirt to cover you from the sun if you get sunburnt! Our Life is Good selection is perfect! They have the cutest designs and the softest t-shirts!

5. Keep Everything Dry

Finally, a towel is a MUST. You can drape it over one of our brand-new Neso chairs! Sit back and relax and enjoy the beautiful view in style!

Who doesn’t love a beach day! These items and so much more can be found in our stores. Always beach responsibly and make sure you leave only footprints. We love our beaches and want to keep them beautiful. What are you bringing in your beach bag?

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