November 30, 2011

Top Ten Holiday Gifts for 2011

Celebrate all that's good in the world with Life is good tees, hats, totes, mugs and more.

Here are ten Life is good holiday must-haves for the perennial optimist on your list.

1.)  Snow Angel 

2.) Life is good Snow Day

 3.) Life is good Snow Blower  

4.) Life is good Chillin N' Grillin

5.) Life is good Heart Tree Dinner Mug  

6.)  Life is good Hatteras Lighthouse Mug  

7.) Life is good Snowflake Hat  

8.) Life is good Cable Trapper Hat 

9.) Life is good Journey Tote  

 10.) Life is good Large Recycled Tote

(and who says we have to keep a top ten list to ten items, anyway???)

11.) Snuggle Socks Magenta  

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