April 8, 2020

Top Ten for Summer

Summer is quickly approaching once again. And it's no secret that is our favorite summer activity. Since we don't want to “string” you along, we'll get to the heart of the matter. Without further ado, here are ten of the coolest kites for the summer.

  1. 6.5-foot Festive Sky Delta Kite Package
  2. Parafoil 5 Single-line kite
  3. 3-D Dragon Kite
  4. Custom Kitty Hawk Kites Butterfly Kite
  5. Clarke's Crystal Box Kite
  6. 3D Pirate Ship Kite
  7. Rainbow Flip Box Kite 
  8. Custom Kitty Hawk Kites Quantum Stunt Kite
  9. Prism 4-D Ultralight Stunt Kit
  10. Rev EXP Quad Line Travel Stunt Kite Package

6.5′ Festive Sky Delta Kite Package

patriotic festival sky delta kite package

The Festive Sky Delta Kite Package is ready-to-go fun. This complete kite package includes a stable, high-flying delta kite, a Yo-Yo Winder of kite line, a Hypno Twister Tail and 2 Streamer Tails. The Festive Sky Kite Package makes a great for any age or skill level. Delight your friends and all summer with our best selling kite!

Parafoil 5 Single-Line Kite

single line tie-dye parafoil kite

The Parafoil 5 kite is a completely frameless kite. There is nothing to assemble so you can be flying in no time. Parafoil kites also pack up small for easy storage and travel. The Parafoil 5 Kite is packaged with kite line and a tail in a compact nylon carrying bag. It makes a great gift for any age or skill level. And it is the perfect kite for summer.

3-D Dragon Kite

The 3-D Dragon Kite is made by N Sun and will look awesome flying through the skies or decorating your bedroom, classroom or office. The Dragon Kite is a single line kite that is easy to fly for beginners and fun to fly for almost any age or skill level.

Custom Kitty Hawk Kites Butterfly Kite

custom butterfly kite

The easy flyer kite was designed for the flyer who wants zero frustration and one hundred percent fun! Simple assembly and no-hassle flying make these beauties the easiest kites to fly. Easy Flyer kites are great for almost any age or skill level and make cool room when not flying through the skies!

The coloring of this kite is EXCLUSIVE to Kitty Hawk Kites!

Clarke's Crystal Box Kite

The Clark's Crystal Box kite is visually stunning. Designed by David Clarke/Windy Kites of England. The Clarke's Crystal Box kite is a rock-solid flyer, especially in higher winds. Single line control of the Clarke's Crystal box kite makes it easy to fly, a great beginners kite or a unique room decoration.

3D Ship Kite

3D pirate ship kite

Ahoy mattes! This 72″ long 3-D Ship Kite, made by WindNSun, will look awesome flying through the skies. Made of Durable Fabric the 3D Pirate Ship Kite is a single line kite that is easy to fly for beginners and fun to fly for almost any age or skill level. Includes handle and 170′ of line and a spinning tail.

Rainbow Flip Box Kite

rainbow Prism flip box kite

The Prism Flip kite is a truly unique kiting experience. Like a kaleidoscope in motion, the vivid graphics blend and blur, creating colors and patterns that can only be seen while it spins. As the kite flies, you'll feel a pulsing at the end of your line while it spins above you like a mysterious, wind-powered machine. The Prism Flip kite is easy to fly in a wide range of wind speeds, and the vertical ring acts like a stabilizing gyroscope making it rock-steady even in gusty winds. The magic of the unusual little Flip kite will bring a smile to your face and stares of amazement wherever you fly.

And of course, we couldn't forget to suggest some great stunt kites for summer.

Custom Kitty Hawk Kites Quantum Stunt Kite

custom khk prism quantum stunt kite

An exclusive Prism Quantum design by Matt Bissell, custom for Kitty Hawk Kites. This special edition features a small  logo on the sail, complete with case, flying lines, a flyers guide and an extra long sleeve bag for quick storage when you don't want to break down the leading edge.

Prism 4D Ultralight Stunt Kite

Prism 4D ultralight stunt kite in seafoam

The Prism 4-D Superlight/Ultralight dual line stunt kite makes kiting a blast when nothing else will fly. The 4-D's 58-inch wingspan makes small spaces big so you can fly in tight quarters with ease. At barely 2-1/2 ounces, its super-light weight gives it the buoyancy to stay aloft in swirling breezes and even indoors, where walking backward with short lines provides enough lift for a huge range of graceful aerobatics.

Rev EXP Quad Line Travel Stunt Kite Package

Rev EXP travel stunt kite in green

The Rev EXP Travel Package is perfect for vacation, business travel or anywhere. winner of the Kite Trade Association International Best New Product. The travel package is a regular full-size Rev EXP, handles, DVD, and a line set in an All-In-One travel pack that can fit in your luggage, on your bike. The big thing – it's all there in one simple package, your “Revolution tote”. Making it perfect for any traveling situation this summer.

Now that you know the best kites to fly this summer, stop by one of our stores! We're located all along the east coast, so find the closest store to you here. Happy flying!

Originally posted on July 21, 2011. Updated on Jan. 22, 2020.

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