June 7, 2011

The “Key” to Great

Thanks to Nick, Waves Village property and marketing manager, for sharing this awesome story. Also, it doubles handily as an incredibly useful tip for watersports enthusiasts everywhere.

“A guest at left to go out paddling in the sound in a and dropped her keys to her new Jeep Grand Cherokee on the grounds. A 3-year-old picked them up, and thinking they were a toy, tossed them in the pool! The young child and his siblings continued using them as a toy until the oldest one realized they were car keys. A lady laying out by the pool staying with the Jeep owner, Carla, heard this and realized the keys belonged to her friend. After returning from the , our guest Carla heard the news and tried her keys in her ignition. But a message displayed on the interior computer screen confirming that the key and would not start the car. At that point, I happened to walk by. So I gave them the number to the Chrysler/Jeep dealership in KDH. However, the dealership informed them that they would have to tow the vehicle 30 miles up to the dealership in order to get a new key. Then, I remembered that I once jumped in a pool with my little cousins over my shoulders and had forgotten to take my cell phone out. But, putting my phone in a bag of rice save it by drawing out excess moisture. Carla decided to wait until the morning to tow her car to the dealership. In the meantime, she tried putting her key in a bag with instant rice overnight. The next morning, 4 of the guests staying in that condo approached me separately and explained that my idea worked. The key started the car in the morning! And they were ecstatic! Carla drove up and got a new key from the dealership for backup. But, she expressed her immense thanks for the advice.”

Rice? Who woulda thunk it? Way to go, Nick. I guess the “key” to great customer service is as simple as a bag of rice.

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Originally posted on June 7, 2011. Updated on Jan. 22, 2020.

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