November 18, 2013

Meet Alex – 2013 Spark Winner

Meet Alex Brewer, Lead Instructor – he's our 2013 Spark Winner.

The Zack Marzec “Spark” award is presented annually to the employee who most embodies the character of Zack and his commitment to sharing his passion for life through positivity and enthusiasm.  The recipient will be someone who consistently creates a spark in someone's life.  Whether that sparks starts a flame that will burn for the rest of someone's life of just brightens their day, that person will be better off for having met the recipient of the award.

The recipient will be nominated by fellow employees on the basis of consistently going above and beyond in and creating a difference in people's lives.  will not be the only criteria, as this person will have had a positive impact on both customers and fellow employees.

Nominees will be submitted to HR with an explanation of why, including stories from customers and fellow employees.  The recipient will be decided by the executive committee based on the information provided and awarded in the at the annual planning meeting.

Alex was nominated by several peers and members of leadership for his big smile, enthusiasm, team spirit and overall impact not only on our customer's lives but the lives of our employees. Congrats Alex, it's an honor to have you on our team!


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