August 7, 2015

Almost to the top of the Climbing Wall at Kitty Hawk Kites at Jockey's Ridge Crossing in Nags Head.

Almost to the top of the Climbing Wall at at Jockey's Ridge Crossing in Nags Head.

We would like to say that it never rains on the —actually we could say that, but it just wouldn't be truthful. It doesn't rain very often in the summer, but occasionally clouds roll in and rain drops .

That, of course, raises the question, what to do on a rainy day, and luckily for visitors who happen to be around Jockey's Ridge in Nags Head, Kitty Hawk Kites and Kitty Hawk Surf Company have the perfect antidote.

Admittedly adults don't mind shopping—actually like it if there are interesting things to see . . . which both stores have in abundance. of every description, great clothing lines, surf boards, , kayaks, there is plenty for adults to look, feel, touch and maybe even buy.

But . . . they're more action oriented and with a climbing wall at the Kite store and the Stanley the in Surf Company, kids will have a great time.

The climbing wall was was the first on the Outer Banks and it's been a part of the experience for well over 20 years. Overheard at the climbing wall a parent form Richmond commented, “We've been coming here for the last three years. We make it a part of our plans.” It's not that rare to hear parents saying something similar.

The kids are on a belay the whole time so it is safe. The instructors are patient and seem to genuinely like the young climbers. A great challenge for kids and an amazing sense of accomplishment when they ring the bell.

The is just plain fun. Think the classic mechanical bull only it's Stanley the Shark, and he doesn't buck around quite as much, although almost no one can stay on for longer than a minute. It's great fun, lots of laughter and surrounded by inflated padding, it's safe.

There is a size restriction to ride Stanley, but generally anyone 10 years of age and older should be big enough.

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