April 23, 2013

Land Paddling – SUP on Land!

Recently, we spoke to our Expert, Chris Moore about land paddling. We asked him what was going on with this intriguing sport – here's what he has to say:

“That is right, use the Kahuna big stick to land paddle with one of our longboards!   If you've ever daydreamed about stand up paddle to work, the store, around campus, or on the boardwalk, the Kahuna Big Stick is what you've been waiting for. Land-stand-up-paddling has been made a reality by the boys at Kahuna Creations.

Kahuna Creation Big StickStand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine's editor met up with Kahuna Creations rider and surfing legend Buttons Kaluhiokalani and Kahuna Creations founder Steve McBride at on the North Shore of Oahu to get the real deal on the Kahuna Big Stick and Kahuna Creations skateboards, surfboards, and snowboards.

‘I have to admit,' says Nate, ‘I had my doubts about the Big Stick. I wondered if it would feel awkward. That idea was squashed when Steve handed me a Big Stick and Buttons showed me use it. It's a sweet piece of equipment. There are a lot of good vibes surrounding the company.'”

Chris recommends checking out Kahuna Creations on the Today Show and if you're in the market for a new longboard check out our online store! We've even got a longboard and big stick combination package that's pretty sweet, too!

Just to get your juices flowing – check out this awesome land paddling !

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