April 21, 2022

Meet Our 2022 Hobie Team

Did you know that we sponsor a team of fishermen? No? Well, let's get to know some of them!

Currently, our team is made up of four :

  • Ryan Rhodes

  • Quentin Turko
  • Justin Reinerth
  • Noah Lynk

Kitty Hawk Surf Co. sponsors our fishing team in partnership with Hobie. Hobie is a premier fishing kayak that we have built a great relationship with over the years. As an official Hobie Dealership, we carry a variety of Hobie fishing kayaks. You can find them at our Nags Head and Beaufort locations.

Each year, we outfit our team members with a new Hobie model so they can get out on the water! We caught up with Ryan and Quentin last week about how fishing is involved in their lives.

We covered a whole lot, from how they were introduced into the world of fishing to their favorite catch! Ryan has been a member of our team for the past 13 years. Quentin joined the team last year, and we are excited to see what the future holds!

Quentin and Ryan both started fishing at an early age. Quentin's father first introduced him to fishing when he was little. And Ryan has been fishing since he was in diapers! Yes, diapers. He started off fishing from his grandfather's backyard on the canal. And just as Ryan's family shared fishing with him, he now loves to take his out on the water and show them the ropes. Ryan shared with us his favorite memory:

“My daughter catching several huge, speckled trout on the back of my kayak with me and watching her facial expressions as she felt their power and watched them do massive head shakes on the surface”

Ryan Rhodes

Coincidentally, Ryan's favorite fish to catch off the Hobie is a speckled trout. Here's what Quentin has to say about his favorite catch:

“It's hard to pick just one, but my favorite fish to catch from a Hobie Kayak would have to be either a Cobia or a big Red Drum. Both fish are really challenging to catch from a kayak and put up a great fight.”

Quentin Turko

Quentin also has some crazy fishing stories from encounters in the Hobie to massive drum fights!

Being a recognized angler on the is a big deal. Fishing is a way of life and a passion for most folks on the . But with recognition comes responsibility. Quentin feels honored to be a force in the Outer Banks fishing community and “blessed to live here with such good fishing and so many great fishermen to learn from.” Similarly, Ryan feels grateful to have the opportunity to influence his community. He adds that it “means I have the opportunity to encourage many into a healthy lifestyle.”

When it comes to influencing the next generation of fishermen, Quentin said it best,

“I hope that I motivate them to get out on the water and to take advantage of what the Outer Banks has to offer. I would tell them to appreciate what they have in their backyard and not take it for granted. Also, not to worry so much about getting caught up in social media posts but to just enjoy the experiences while on the water.”

Quentin Turko

We encourage everyone to live in the moment and remember life is better on the water!

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