August 15, 2012

Lynda Strain – A Healthy Inspiration

Recently, the Kitty Hawk Kites team had the pleasure of reuniting with Lynda Strain. Our team met Lynda at an Expo in 2010 where she shared her desire to one day hang glide on Jockey's Ridge. She enthusiastically promised she would see us again for what she said “would be an experience of a lifetime!”

Fast forward to 2012, the enthusiastic call came into our Reservations department that Lynda would be arriving in town to take her first lesson. Lynda told her story to the reservationist.

You see Lynda took the last year to change her life in a healthy way and her reward was the hang gliding adventure. When Lynda arrived, she boasted a 111 pound weight loss! We are so proud of her accomplishment and we are honored to be apart of her story.

Lynda has started her life anew with a positive attitude, a healthy out look and one less item on her adventurous bucket list!

Lynda sent us an email just after her trip with a few photos and this message:

“I cannot say how appreciative I am of the lesson. This was a dream come true for me. If I had to pick a sport for me I would say I found it with handgliding. It is AWESOME. This experience has made losing the 111 pounds well worth it and makes me want to continue to stay in shape so I can do this again. There are no words to express how I feel and felt. Paul could not have been a better instructor and guide. There are no words I can express that would express my appreciation and graditude to him and for him and his expertise.

Thank you so much for this opportunity. I will forever be grateful.”



Lynda, from the entire – we are forever grateful to have met you and heard your story! You're an inspiration!


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