May 28, 2015

Family Fun at Jockey's Ridge Crossing

Face painting is just one of the kid-friendly activities at Kitty Hawk Kites' Kid's Day.

Face painting is just one of the kid-friendly activities at ' Kid's Day.

Kitty Hawk Kites and Kitty Hawk Surf Company have  always been about fun. The Jockey's Ridge Crossing locations in Nags Head are great for a visit and a family entertainment center. With a couple of fun things for to do—well, parents too, but mostly — visiting the two stores is a great way to spend a few hours.

For over 20 years there has been a climbing wall in the store. It's perfectly safe; the climbers are on a rope and are on a belay at all times. The experience is truly exciting for kids—kids who very often don't think they can make it to the top, and to hear their shouts of joy when they do is a highlight of any parent's day.

At the other end of the complex, Surf Company is home to the . Think of a mechanical bull, only blue and shaped like a shark. There's a lot of giggles, a lot of laughter and a lot of fun as kids try to stay seated for the entire ride. The Shark is surrounded by an inflated floor so getting thrown from the ride, which almost everyone does, is always a soft landing.

Of course, all summer long every Wednesday is Kid's Day, a tradition that has been creating family fun at almost since it opened. Kite making, face painting, , demos and a lot of kid-friendly fun.

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