November 1, 2011

Costumes and core values (and a turkey spinner)

Plastered on walls and doors and filing cabinets and printers and whiteboards and refrigerator doors throughout Kitty Hawk stores worldwide (okay, the Outer Banks and our two locations…) are 11×17 posters that outline our company’s core values. These posters remind us in the Kitty Hawk Kites family who we are and what we’re supposed to become.

Appropriately, the first value on that list is FUN. Of all the things we are and strive to be, FUN is first and foremost. How’s that for strategy? Hey, it’s worked for us for 37 years. And if we were to wax philosophical for a moment or two, we’d posit (you can use words like posit when you’re waxing philosophical, you know) that other companies would do well to make having fun a top strategic priority. If you’re looking for fun on the Outer Banks, look no further. We’ve sealed the deal, so to speak.

As you might have guessed, then, Halloween is a pretty big deal around here.

Exhibit A:

Way to live the core values, Kitty Hawk team!

And just in case you’re wondering, the rest of the core values list includes: QUALITY, CUSTOMER SERVICE, EXCELLENCE, SAFETY, and VALUE.

Lastly, we’re sad to report that nobody dressed (no pun intended) as a turkey yesterday, but while we’re talking turkey, we have to mention that you’re going to definitely want this turkey spinner for Thanksgiving. Remember, we’ve got one of the largest selections of kites, flags, spinners, and windart anywhere on the Web. Click on over today.

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