June 6, 2015

A Great Day for

Flying a nine-stack of stunt kites at the 33rd Annual Rogallo Kite Festival.

a nine-stack of at the 33rd Annual Rogallo Kite .

Friday was the first day of the 33rd Annual Kite Festival and the weather was a little bit iffy. Gusty winds, a little bit over cast . . . kite were still flying above the , but the stunt kite demos from Prism Kites and the quad line flying were put on hold.

Then came Saturday and all was right in the world again. With sunshine and temperatures in the mid 70s it was comfortable on the Jockey's Ridge State Park dunes, and a nice 8-10 mph north created just about perfect flying conditions for the stunt .

Life-sized blue whale kite in flight.

Life-sized blue kite in .

The sky was filled with every imaginable kite, and it looked as though the flyers from emptied the storage room, bringing out kites that boggled the imagination in size and shape. The most spectacular had to be the full-sized blue whale that stretched for 70' or 80' along the dune's ridge.

Prism Quantum in flight with long, long tail.

Prism Quantum in flight with long, long tail.

The stunt was superb. Prism Kites was flying their Quantum with what looked to be a 100' tail. Easy to fly, responsive, it would be a great kite for a beginner right on to more experienced flyers.

Bob Lauder from Wings Over Washington (DC) was on hand with the quad line kites he makes himself. Excellent instruction. Patient and thorough, for anyone who has ever wondered what flying a kite with four lines would be like, he's the guy to see.

Sunday will wrap up the festival and the weather is looking pretty good for Sunday as well.

A great day on the dunes of Jockey's Ridge and something to put on the to do list for next year.

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