February 5, 2016

Big Week in Vegas at KTAI Trade Show


Once a year, leading retailers and manufacturers from the kite world gather at the annual KTAI (Kite Trade Association International) Trade Show.

Kites is one of the largest kite retailers in the entire United States. So naturally, we make it a point to attend the show each year. While there, we learn about new , mingle with other kite retailers from around the world, and most importantly, have fun. Plus, we certainly did not want to pass up the opportunity to visit Las Vegas in January!

Many of the kite manufacturers we work with were at the Trade Show. Those included Revolution, Brainstorm, Premier Kites, Prism Kites, Skydog Kites, Into The and to name a few. We work with so many different manufacturers, and it's great to get some face-to-face time at least once a year to learn about all of their new and innovative products.

We want to share a few highlights from the show:

– Our own Heather Doyle was elected to the 2016 KTAI Board of Directors. Heather is to thank for our terrific selection flags and spinners that you'll see in-store and on our online store.

– Head kite buyer Rachel Sanchez wowed Trade Show attendees with her presentation on “store within a store” programs. We've experimented with this heavily over the past year.

– And let's not forget about ' founder and president, . He hit the jackpot while in Las Vegas. The KTAI honored John with the 2016 David Checkley Lifetime Achievement !


Here's some information on David Checkley: 

To satisfy his passion for introducing new people to kiting, David also made paper kite kits. The FLY Me Paper Bag Kite Kit, one of David's clever inventions, is still available today from 30-year KTAI member Great Winds Kite Company. In 1973 David began to lead kite tours to Japan. David's kiting adventures throughout Asia opened the doors to International Kite Trade. This began the introduction of American kite manufacturers to Asian kite suppliers, where most kites are now produced. Mr. Checkley passed away in 1988, but his work lives on with all of us that make a business in kiting.

In addition to the awards mentioned above, we were ecstatic to be recognized by Brainstorm Kites who is celebrating its 10th year anniversary this year. They highlighted Kitty hawk Kites for our 42 years in the business, the oldest kite company at the KTAI Trade Show!

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