April 29, 2013

2013 – The year of the and more!

Well, the summer season is knocking down our door here at and we are READY! We have a bunch of new adventures and some pretty exciting updates since last season!

1. New Recreation Center at Sanderling Resort! We are so excited to announce our new recreation center at Sanderling Resort – from gorgeous paddling ( or ) to JetSkis to Surf Lessons on the – we will be offering new tour options to their guests and our own as well!

Family Adventures at Sanderling Resort!

Adventures at Sanderling Resort!

2. We offer Fishing Tours! We have added Fishing tours to our list of adventures for 2013 – there has been a huge interest in having us offer this adventure to our customers and we are pleased to announce the partnership with Phideaux Fishing this year! Be sure to give us a call to find out more details!

3. We offer K-Club Specials! Do you stay in a K-club home? If you aren't sure, ask your realtor! The K-Club offers all kinds of perks to homeowners and those who choose to stay at a K-Club home. Discounts, special rates and more. If you are a homeowner interested in offering this incentive to your guests let us know! 1-877-FLY-THIS

4. We have an even stronger program! We have ramped up our rentals program this year with everything from surf boards, paddle boards,  and kayaks to feather banners and balloon launchers. Whether you are throwing a party or just looking to get out on the water – we can help you with renting everything you need and even help you with delivery! Jim Gould, our Manager, is here to make your summer smooth and easy! Give him a call at 252-441-6800.

Rentals with Kitty Hawk Kites & Kitty Hawk Surf Company!

5. The Year of the Stand-Up Paddleboard! If there is one thing you need to know about 2013 on the – it's that this will be the year of the  stand-up paddleboard – so book your tours, lessons and rentals as soon as possible! We have loaded up on tons of boards to spread the good vibes and get as many people in the water as we can this summer. In fact, we are even going to be doing night paddling tours. Shop any of our locations for the best selection of SUPs on the Outer Banks or give us a call at 1-877-FLY-THIS to find out where you can learn to paddle!

Paddle the Outer Banks!

Paddle the Outer Banks!


There's more news to come and we'll keep you posted! In the mean, time be sure to check out all the amazing adventures you can do at ! We're in the business of making your Outer Banks bucket list a reality!

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