Hurry up and wait – day 2 on the dunes

Take a look back on day 2 on the dunes at the 39th Annual Hang Gliding Spectacular. This morning’s winds: light and annoying. We’d all hurry up to move into an optimal position for the wind only to have it shift seconds later. The “hurry up and wait” scenario dominated the morning. But the afternoon turned out to be, well…spectacular. Flights off the “big dune” were impressive, to say the least. It’s amazing to see how much control these pilots have over their gliders. I know we promised an update on scores, but again, we forgot to get the latest standings sheet. The instructor reunion was held a little earlier, and the street dance is going on as we type. Tomorrow, we’ll hear from Richard Boone, this year’s Rogallo Foundation Hall of Fame inductee.

Here’s a little clip about what the Hang Gliding Spectacular means to some of the participants.

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