Wacky Weather? Welcome to the Outer Banks!

Beach in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

The Outer Banks was once considered simply a summer destination for weary vacationers looking to get away from the hustle and bustle that is everyday life and unwind at the highly regarded beaches of the OBX.

During the last half decade or so, travelers have been flocking to the area not only during the sizzling summer months, but also during what is considered the offseason, which is otherwise known as the fall, spring and winter seasons.

With mild winters and a rather pleasant fall and spring, the Outer Banks has been transforming into more of a year-round vacation destination. These barrier islands enjoy around 200 sunny days each year, with a year-round average temperature hovering around 70°.

Wind is an everyday constant on the Outer Banks (the Wright Brothers came here for a reason), and can range from gentle southwest breezes to strong northeast storm winds.

Outer Banks Seasons


Ah, summer! If you’re staying on the Outer Banks during the summer months, expect average lows from the mid 70°’s to highs near 90°, depending on the time of the summer. During this time of year, average temperatures can climb to 85°, but even on the hottest summer days, you can expect a slight to moderate ocean breeze to help keep you cool even though the temperature is scorching. In the summer, the wind typically blows out of the southwest and picks up speed in the late afternoon.


Considered by many year-round area locals to be the best time of year on the Outer Banks, vacationers should consider a trip to the area if they’re at all interested in spending the day outdoors enjoying cool ocean breezes and temperatures in the lower 80°’s in September and mid-70°’s in October. Easily the busiest time of year for events on the Outer Banks, consider planning your trip around the Outer Banks Seafood Festival, OBX Brewtag, Mustang Music Festival, Outer Banks Bluegrass Festival, or the Duck Jazz Festival.


During the winter, temperatures are usually cool, though the wind can make it feel colder. Temperatures during the day usually hover around the lower 50°’s, with nights averaging in the upper 30°’s.


Typically a very mild season, temperatures during the spring months can be very unpredictable. Average daytime temperatures are normally in the upper 60°’s and lower 70°’s

Jennette's Pier in Nags Head, North Carolina

Outer Banks Average Temperature, Precipitation & Wind Chart

The weather readings below reflect the average temperatures (degrees Fahrenheit), wind velocity (MPH), and precipitation (inches) from Cape Hatteras, NC. These temperatures have been provided by The National Weather Service Newport Office.


North Carolina’s Outer Banks: A Destination Any Time of Year

Thank you for the recent feature, Sara Kendall, of the Epicurean! “Spanning over 200 miles in a string of narrow barrier islands, the Outer Banks is an ocean haven anytime of the year. The locals refer to them as OBX, and millions of people make these islands their vacation destination. Looking to book a winter retreat or plan next summer’s getaway? The Outer Banks is a fabulous choice no matter the time of year you decide to venture to the ocean breezes.” http://www.epicureancharlotte.com/travel/

This Article from the Charlotte Epicurean on just a few of the reasons why the OBX is so special hit the nail on the head! We have so much to do here and a ton of great dining options! What are you going to choose to do today?

Fall OBX Kiteboarding Is Spectacular

Kiteboarding on a cool day with Waves Village Resort in the background.

Kiteboarding on a cool day with Waves Village Resort in the background.

While the rest of the Outer Banks begins to slow down as winter approaches, the kiteboarding world heats up. And it’s no wonder . . . the winds are shifting to the north and they’ll hold steady between 12-20mph for two or three days in a row. Not the best conditions for swimming and it tends to create a lot of chop in the ocean so surfers don’t like it, but for kiteboarder fall and winter on the Outer Banks is the best time of the year to get a great ride.

It would not have been a good day today with a steady rain, but the next few days look almost ideal—especially for more experienced kiteboarder with winds forecast to blow at  25mph with some slightly higher gusts. Plenty of sunshine, too, on Friday and Saturday—although winds will be diminishing by Saturday afternoon.

Thanksgiving week is looking pretty good as well with winds forecast to hold steady between 10-15 mph.

The Kitty Hawk Kites Waves Village is the ideal location for a weekend getaway, long weekend or week vacation for kiteboarder. It’s ideal for just about anyone, but kiteboarder in particular will love its easy access to Pamlico Sound, amenities and knowledgeable staff.

For more experienced kiteboarders, the Atlantic Ocean is never far away—the new Rodanthe Beach Access is almost across the street from Waves Village Resort.

There is limited availability of lessons during the fall and winter so novices check us out online or give us a call at 877-359-8447. Kiteboarding is an exciting way to spend a day; it takes a couple of lessons to learn but just about anyone can learn it. After instruction and with some good advice, it’s on to the water and experiencing the thrill of skimming the water and lifting into the air.

Adventure Excitement for Mother’s Day

Mom and daughters getting ready for a kiteboarding lesson at Kitty Hawk Kites Waves Village.

Mom and daughters getting ready for a kiteboarding lesson at Kitty Hawk Kites Waves Village.

With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday the question many of us are asking is, “What does Mother want for Mother’s Day?”

Kitty Hawk Kites certainly has all the traditional jewelry, clothes and shoes that get put in a box, wrapped beautifully and opened to “oohs” and “ahhs”.
But Kitty Hawk Kites has a gift that almost no one else has—the gift of excitement.

Just because she’s your mother doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to soar above the dunes or skim across the water on a kiteboard.

Kiteboarding especially is a sport that is appealing to more and more mothers as gear becomes more specialized and better designed for the size and strength of  women. “The new kites that are out there are very depowerable, “ Nick Piacenza, Manager of the Kitty Hawk Kites kiteboarding school. What he means by that is the kites can be adjusted to the size of the user, so a smaller person is not overwhelmed by the power of the wind.

As more women try their hand at kiteboarding, the design of the equipment has become better suited for women. “When we give a lesson, we have gear for each individual,” Nick says.

Giving lessons from the the company’s Waves Village Watersports Resort in Waves, the conditions found on the Pamlico Sound are some of the best in the world for learning the sport. “We have steady southwest winds in the summer and shallow water in the sound,” Nick says. “It’s one of the few places in the world that are like that.”

Top 10 Off-Season Outer Banks Adventures

The summer may be winding down on the Outer Banks but there are still many adventures yet to be had on the beautiful barrier islands! Kitty Hawk Kites offers a ton of fun activities throughout the fall and winter months for the adventure seekers. It’s one of the best times to visit as accommodations are extremely affordable and the crowds have thinned out.

Here are a few activities we offer during the off season that you may or may not have heard about yet:

1)Hang Gliding at Jockey’s Ridge State Park

Hang Gliding at Jockey’s Ridge State Park in Nags Head is an Outer Banks must! Take a Beginner Lesson with us and learn how to fly a Hang Glider on your first lesson. Each lesson is about 3 hours long and includes Ground School and 5 solo training flights. Dune Hang Gliding lessons are conducted at our training facility in Jockey’s Ridge State Park located at Mile Post 12 in Nags Head, NC. The dunes of Jockey’s Ridge provide the perfect platform for learning to hang glide. They have plenty of height for beginners and are soft for landing. We have been providing lessons at this site for over 40 years to over 400,000 students.

2) Kiteboarding in Rodanthe


Fall is a great time to kiteboard here on the Outer Banks, with steady winds ranging from 10 to 35mph and a high number of “kiteable” days. Large temperature fluctuations in the fall months bring stronger northeasterly winds, for the most desirable surf and kiteboarding conditions on the ocean. Waves Village Kiteboarding Resort is conveniently located in the heart of the “Kiteboarding Mecca” on Hatteras Island, with a full-service restaurant and coffee shop on site.

3) Paddle on the Alligator River in Buffalo City

Take a step back in time and paddle through the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge, one of the largest and most pristine wildlife refuges on the East Coast. Discover the history of Buffalo City’s logging community, and the story behind one of prohibition’s most famous “moonshine capitals.” Wind through creeks and canals and explore the swirling red waters and ‘living fossils’ of this cypress swamp. This tour lasts about 1.5 hours and is suitable for paddles of all skill levels.

4) Beach Horseback Riding on the Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Explore the Buxton Woods Coastal Reserve and the Cape Hatteras National Seashore on Hatteras Island by Horseback. You will see the natural beauty of Hatteras Island from a completely different perspective! Our guided Horseback tour takes you from the maritime forest to the coastline. You’ll have the opportunity to soak in the beauty of the area with the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and Cape Point off to the left, and miles of pristine beaches to ride and enjoy. This tour is accessible for riders of all abilities.

5) Wild Horse Tours on the Northern Outer Banks

Enjoy breathtaking views of the wild horses of the Northern Outer Banks as your guide gives you local folklore and eclectic history as you ride into the heart of the off-road Outer Banks just North of Corolla. This adventure lasts about two hours. Private parties are also available upon request along with special group rates.

6) Walking Ghost Tour in Manteo

OBX Ghost Tours is something your family will be talking about the rest of the summer! You’ll be entertained as a guide leads you through down town Manteo by lantern telling the spooky stories that makes the Outer Banks one of the most haunted beaches in America. We are the Outer Banks’ only ghost tour that uses Ghost Detectors! Whether you believe or not, you’ll enjoy your time at OBX Ghost Tours. Book now for the time of your afterlife.

7) Go Fish! on a Hobie Kayak Fishing Charter

Kayak Fishing is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Hands free kayaking + a fishing rod makes the Hobie Angler Kayaks the perfect vessel for a Kayak Fishing Experience, particularly in the shallow soundside waterways of the Outer Banks. Your guide will take you on a fully equipped 4-hour charter to the locations off the beaten path so that you can get better access to fish you might not otherwise know how to find: Drum, Speckled Trout, Flounder and more. Complete beginners and experienced anglers are sure to enjoy this experience, and if you’ve ever considered purchasing a Hobie Angler Kayak, what better way to “drive it before you buy it” with the assurance of an experienced and knowledgeable guide.

8) Sunset Sailing Cruise in Duck

Sail the Albemarle Sound aboard the 41-foot ketch “Movin’ On”. Sunset Cruises are generally intimate experiences for couples and special occasions. Fall’s moderate temperatures make this regularly beautiful excursion extraordinary. Whether you come alone, as a couple, or as a group, your experience on this sailing adventure is warm, friendly, and personal.

9) Fly a 1902 Wright Glider at Jockey’s Ridge State Park

Wright Glider

Soar above the dunes like a Wright Brother in a museum quality replica of the 1902 Wright Glider that the Orville and Wilbur Wright used to practice leading up to the famous 1903 flight. The Wright Brothers spent the months of September and October of 1902 flying their glider on the dunes of North Carolina before heading home to build the 1903 airplane – making this experience extremely inspiring for history enthusiasts and aviation buffs. The higher winds of October-December make this a perfect adventure for the fall, and this is the only place in the world you can fly like a Wright Brother.

10) Take a Scenic Aerial Tour in a WWII Bi-Plane

Take an 8-minute discovery flight around the town of Historic Manteo in an original WWII bi-plane trainer, accommodating up to 2 people per trip. Fly a bit longer with 20- and 35- minute flights and see the classic Outer Banks sites such as the Wright Brothers Monument, Jockey’s Ridge, Oregon Inlet or even the Bodie Island Lighthouse in the open-air cockpit bi-plane. Get a bird’s eye view of the incredible coastline and treasures that the Outer Banks offers with an airplane tour.

For more information on these activities and other fun Outer Banks adventures – contact us at 1.877.FLY.THIS!


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