July 8, 2015

Outer Banks Bike Paths

Beginning of the Woods Road multi-use path in Kitty Hawk.

Beginning of the Woods Road multi-use path in .

One of the nicest aspects of visiting or living on the Outer Banks is how wonderful it is for bike riding. There are a lot of bike paths and multi-use trails that make riding ideal for families, very few hills and most of the paths are nicely shaded.

To help the uninitiated along, here are four easy rides suitable just about everyone.

North End of , Duck

The multi-use trail extends the complete distance of the town from the County line to Southern Shores. However, the Duck Village area can be very congested with foot traffic, so the better ride starts at the Sanderling Inn to the north end of the Village at Sunset Grille.

This is the hilliest of all rides, but very interesting. The ride goes past the Army Corps of Engineers Field Research Facility, also known as the Duck Pier. Signs warn about unexploded ordinance in the fields. The road and path are safe. The fields are not. This was a bombing range in WWII.

The Woods Road, Kitty Hawk

A nicely shaded and well protected ride, this may be the best choice when the is stronger. The ride can be extended by bearing right at the fork in the road at Twifold and continuing on across the wooden bridge to the Austin Cemetery.

Two good places to park: either at the David Pruitt playground just past the Dominion Power offices at the beginning of the the Woods Road or at Sandy Run Park.

Wright Brother's Memorial, Kill Devil Hills

A lot of , a quick, flat easy ride—perfect for younger . The road at the base of the Wright Brothers Memorial is a simple loop.

There's a lot of parking at the site. The Airport parking lot off Bay Boulevard is also a good choice.


Paralleling old US 64, this is one of the prettiest rides around. The path is well-shaded and takes riders past the Lost Colony and Elizabethan Gardens and through Island Farm. Another good ride on a windier day.

Things to think about

Whenever possible start your ride into the wind. It will make the return trip much more pleasant.

Take water. It will make a huge difference.

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