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Outer Banks Adventure Leader

Outer Banks Adventure Leader

Teaching the world to fly at Jockey's Ridge State Park.
Teaching the world to fly at Jockey’s Ridge State Park.

Kitty Hawk Kites is the adventure leader on the Outer Banks. It’s a safe statement to make because nobody else does so many activities and does them all so well.

Because we do so many things and do them so well, it can get pretty crazy in the summer, so the time to make the reservation for a summer lesson is now. Even though as a company we expand how many lessons we give and train some of the best instructors anywhere, classes do fill up.

Here is a list of the adventure lessons Kitty Hawk Kites offers: hang gliding—we are the oldest and largest hang gliding school in the world; paragliding; kiteboarding—if there is a better place to learn than the Pamlico Sound where our school is located, we’ve never heard of it; stand-up paddle boarding (SUP); surfing; wakeboarding and waterskiing.

There is truly something for everyone in what we teach . . . and the best part about it is that many of our activities can be done by kids and adults of all ages.

These are just the lessons that Kitty Hawk Kites offers. There is all of this and more in the adventure packages that have given so many visitors the opportunity to explore a side of the Outer Banks they may never have known.

We’ll write about that later.