April 2, 2015

Newest addition to the Corolla Wild Mustangs-Gus the Shacklford Banks Stallion.

Newest addition to the Wild Mustangs-Gus the Shacklford Banks Stallion.

The weather is turning springtime spectacular here on the and with break coming up for so many families, we're seeing a lot of our visitors coming to town.

Easter weekend is upon us now and of course for the little ones, the Eggstravaganza is the place to be on Friday and Saturday. For the older and some of those moms and dads who still love acting like a kid, check out “Fly into Spring” with kite demos and kite displays.

After that the question becomes … “what to do with the rest of the week?”

Here's a suggestion for something really different—take the Kitty Hawk Kites Spring Wild Horses Tour, a guided 4×4 tour that goes to the heart of the Corolla Wild Horse country. It's beautiful and remote and a new addition to the herd just showed up.

Even more exciting than a newborn colt, Gus the Stallion has just joined the herd from Shackleford Banks. It seems the Corolla horses have become inbred over the years and the Shackleford ponies are a genetic match for the Corolla wild mustangs. Hopefully Gus will find his way into the hearts of a few mares and create a healthier herd over time.

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