February 10, 2017

We Love!

This Valentine's Day we wanted to change things up! We decided instead of telling you about a bunch of that are red and have hearts, we would tell you all about the that we LOVE. These kites have genuinely brought some happiness to our lives, whether through family time or just simple serenity. So take a moment to check out some of our favorite kites and the fun ways that we get out to use them.

Kites for

Rachel's Kite

“After years of all kinds of kites, the triangle-shaped Festive Sky Delta package has become my all-time favorite kite to fly.  It has tails that you can add to it, or just fly it by itself in almost any wind.  My kids love the moving tail and play trying to catch it!”

Rachel, KHK Head Kite Buyer

Check out this kite HERE!

“Ever since the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out, my daughter can't get enough. So this kite became the perfect way for us to go out and have fun. It also helped to bring her into the Star Wars world! It flies extremely well and is easy to control, even for my young daughter. To be honest, it's just fun to feel like I'm finally flying the Millenium Falcon.”

Stephen, Graphic Designer

Check out this kite here!

Kites for All Ages

“I've flown hundreds of kites, and the Killip Foil 90 is such a show in its own that is will grab attention for miles – hands down my favorite! It's soft so there's no assembly, it flies surprisingly well in a low 6mph wind and with a higher wind you can attach all kinds of fun flair to it, like flags, spinners, streamers, and even large inflatable kites like you see at ! But don't let its size intimidate you – that's the best part! Just make sure it's always anchored off before you launch and that you have a helping hand for takeoff and landing.”

Kirsten, KHK Store Manager

Check out this kite HERE!

“I love taking my box kite with me to the . It's a good kite for a variety of winds, which is perfect on the . The single line design makes it very easy to control. And you can't beat the design. It will always draw some attention. Overall just a very cool kite, that is tons of fun to watch fly!”

Brett, KHK Digital Marketing

Check out this kite HERE!

“I absolutely love our Nexus Special edition. Not only is a great stunt kite to learn and grow, it's also a great value with all the extra bells and whistles. You get the line and winders, repair kit, tail and a full size extra nylon case. The case is perfect for people like me who don't want to disassemble their kite all the way. So it's great to have options! It flies like a champ and has a wide wind range. It's very responsive and has a fantastic wind range. The hardest part of this kite is choosing the color you want.”

Heather, KHK Store Manager

This is a special KHK exclusive kite! Check out this kite HERE!

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