August 27, 2020

Best Types of Kites For Kids and Children

Teaching a kid to fly a kite is one of the most entertaining and fun things that you can do as a parent, grandparent, brother, sister, or relative. There’s nothing quite like seeing a child’s face light up when they are able to get their kite of choice dancing around in the sky, swaying back and forth with the wind. So how do you choose the best kites for kids to fly?

Kitty Hawk Kites boasts one of the largest kite selections in the United States. We offer a variety of different kites including stunt kites, power kites, kiteboarding kites, quad-line kites, and more. Not every kite is ideal for youngsters who are learning to fly a kite for the first time, however. So we put together this list of the best kites for kids and children.

Diamond Kites

diamond shark kite for kids

One of the most easily-recognizable kites in the world, diamond kites are almost always constructed using one horizontal bar and one vertical bar, which is typically made out of either wood or fiberglass. Diamond kites are relatively easy to make and are typically on the lower-end cost wise compared to other single line kites. We usually recommend pairing any diamond kite purchase with a tail, as it helps keep the kite more stable when in the air. Most diamond kites are less than a few feet in height. However, there are some exceptions.

Parafoil Kites

rainbow parafoil sled kite

One of the most forgiving kites in terms of durability, parafoil kites can typically crash repeatedly into the ground at high speeds without ever causing harm to the kite. Similar to all of the other kites on our list, parafoil kites require just a single line of string. One of the biggest advantages of parafoil kites is that there are no rods or parts are required. Most kids are likely to lose a part here and there. And with a parafoil kite, you don’t have to worry about losing any small, minute parts. Another great thing about parafoil kites is that they’re super easy to stow away. Most parafoil kites come with a sturdy bag. So all you have to worry about is making it fit within the bag, which is typically pretty easy to accomplish.

Delta Kites

mandala delta easy flyer kite for kids

Super easy to fly and fun to watch in the air, delta kites are perfect for children. Delta kites are steady flyers and can thrive in a wide array of wind conditions including low wind environments. These kites have a triangular shape and are often very colorful. The overall size of a delta kite varies greatly. Although we recommend sticking to the lower end of the spectrum, as the smaller delta kites are typically easier for kids to fly. Many of our delta kites have a tail built onto the kite. Others come with just the kite and no tail. Delta kites are great flyers without a tail, although having one certainly doesn’t hurt!

Kids’ Favorite Animal Kites

Butterfly Kites

ruby butterfly kite for kids

Easy to launch and super fun to fly, butterfly kites are an excellent choice for kids of all ages. Butterfly kites usually feature bold colors and fine-knit details. They fly in as little as 5 mph of wind and as much as 20 mph of wind. Unlike parafoil kites, butterfly kites do require some assembly; however, putting this kite together won’t take longer than a few minutes. Typically constructed using a fiberglass frame, single line butterfly kites are easy to fly for beginners and fun to fly for almost any age or skill level.

Octopus Kites

One of our best sellers for many years, the octopus kite is quite the spectacle once it’s in the air. Octopus kites are typically a singular, bright color and have an attached streamer tail for added stability. With what we like to call an “out of the bang and into the air design,” octopus kites are super easy to assemble. In fact, this single line kite requires virtually no assembly. Kids typically enjoy the movement of the octopus kite, and will really enjoy the bright, bold colors and ease of flying.

Thanks for checking out our list of the best kites for children and kids! If you ever have any questions about any of the kites we sell, give us a call at 1-877-FLY-THIS.

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Originally published on August 26, 2015. Updated on August 27, 2020.

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  2. […] it’s fiberglass frame and no assembly required, these kites are a great choice for kids as well. Comes ready to fly with handle and 40′ of line […]

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