July 17, 2015

Clamming with the Captain

Clamming in Pamlico Sound as ferries go by.

Clamming in Pamlico Sound as ferries go by.

An afternoon on the water clamming with Captain Lee is an afternoon that is as close to a perfect vacation memory as could be created.

Maybe it's being in Pamlico Sound by Hatteras Inlet; perhaps it's watching the ferries go by from a perspective only the lucky get to see. It could be the eight of nine dozen clams that were harvested—certainly enough to feed a of four with plenty left over to take home. It could be Captain Lee himself, his extraordinary knowledge of the ecology and waters of the sound coming out in easily understood snippets.

Or maybe it's all of that . . . probably is all of that.

Leaving from Oden's Marina in Hatteras, the cruise is billed as a clamming and eco tour, but it's so much more. Yes there is education. At one point he stops himself and looks at the teenager seated in the stern of the boat. “This is like school,” he tells her. “You don't mind do you?”

“No, no,” she tell him. “I like learning things.”

And it's about clams—lots of clams, hiding in the sea grass in a knee deep shoal about a mile west of the inlet. It's also about crab pots and pulling some up and understanding what a fisherman goes through to bring that catch home.

But mostly it's about creating an amazing moment in time that becomes the type of memory that reminds families of how precious and special their time together can be.

In addition to the Clamming and Ecotour, Captain Lee offers Cruises and tours.

For more information check out the Kitty Hawk Kites Adventure page.


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