Kites We Love!

This Valentine’s Day we wanted to change things up! We decided instead of telling you about a bunch of products that are red and have hearts, we would tell you all about the kites that we LOVE. These kites have genuinely brought some happiness to our lives, whether through family time or just simple serenity. Take a moment to check out some of our favorite kites and the fun ways that we get out to use them.

Rachel's Kite

Rachel, KHK Head Kite Buyer • “After years of flying all kinds of kites, the triangle-shaped Festive Sky Delta package has become my all-time favorite kite to fly.  It has tails that you can add to it, or just fly it by itself in almost any wind.  My kids love the moving tail and play games trying to catch it!”

Check out this kite HERE!

Kirsten, KHK Store Manager • “I’ve flown hundreds of kites, and the Killip Foil 90 is such a show in its own that is will grab attention for miles – hands down my favorite! It’s soft so there’s no assembly, it flies surprisingly well in a low 6mph wind and with a higher wind you can attach all kinds of fun flair to it, like flags, spinners, streamers, and even large inflatable kites like you see at kite festivals! But don’t let its size intimidate you – that’s the best part! Just make sure it’s always anchored off before you launch and that you have a helping hand for takeoff and landing.”

Check out this kite HERE!

Brett, KHK Digital Marketing • “I love taking my box kite with me to the beach. It’s a good kite for a variety of winds which is perfect on the Outer Banks. The single line design makes it very easy to control. And you can’t beat the design, it will always draw some attention. Overall just a very cool kite, that is tons of fun to watch fly!”

Check out this kite HERE!


Heather, KHK Store Manager • “I absolutely love our Nexus Special edition. Not only is a great stunt kite to learn and grow, it’s a great value with all the extra bells and whistles. You get the line and winders, repair kit, tail and a full size extra nylon case. The case is perfect for people like me who don’t want to disassemble their kite all the way. It’s great to have options! It flies like a champ and has a wide wind range. It’s very responsive and has a fantastic wind range. The hardest part of this kite is choosing the color you want.”

This is a special KHK exclusive kite! Check out this kite HERE!


Stephen, Graphic Designer • “Ever since the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out, my daughter can’t get enough. This kite became the perfect way for us to go out and have fun… and to help bridge her into the Star Wars world! It flies extremely well and is easy to control even for my young daughter. To be honest, it’s just fun to feel like I’m finally flying the Millenium Falcon.”


Check out this kite here!

Kites Fly at Wright Kite Fest

Decorating the sky at the 37th Annual Kitty Hawk Kites Wright Kite Festival.

Decorating the sky at the 37th Annual Kitty Hawk Kites Wright Kite Festival.

Mother Nature threw us a curve on Sunday for the second day of the 37th Annual Kitty Hawk Kites Wright Kite Festival—there was no wind, which on the Outer Banks has got to be considered an anomaly.

That’s actually a bit of an exaggeration—there were occasional puffs of winds, but the nice constant southwest breeze we’re so use to on the Outer Banks in the summer was sporadic.

That didn’t stop kite flyers for putting kites in the air.

Sled kite in flight.

Sled kite in flight.

Some of the larger kites that help decorate the sky had a tough time staying aloft but there were almost always a parafoil, large delta and assorted other kites flying to let people know something special was happening.

The sled kites the kids were making in the kite making workshop were flying great. The sled kite is a perfect beginner kite—run fast and the kite soars into the air.  Easy to make, easier to fly and customized with each child’s own decorations, it’s no wonder they’re always a hit at every festival.

The stunt kite flyers got in some flight time. In the demo field quad line flyers had their kites dancing to music a flitting across the sky.

Chris Shulz doing a 360 with a power kite.

Chris Shulz doing a 360 with a power kite.

One of the most impressive demonstrations came from Chris Shultz from HQ Kites who brought a quad line power kite with him. For about five minutes Chris had the kite flying with no wind, making a 360 degree turn around the field keeping the kite in the sky with just his movement.

Next up on the Kitty Hawk Kites entertainment agenda will be the Watermelon Festival at the Jockey’s Ridge Store in Nags Head. Face painting, watermelon seed spitting contest, games, lots of watermelon to consume  . . . a great day on the Outer Banks. Friday, July 30. Be there if you can.

Wright Kite Festival Next

Giant lobster kite flying at the Wright Kite Festival.

Giant lobster kite flying at the Wright Kite Festival.

We almost didn’t get our July 4th fireworks in last night here on the Outer Banks. A huge storm blew through in the afternoon—almost blew the door off the hinges at the Kitty Hawk Kites main store at Jockey’s Ridge Crossing, but by 6:00 the sky had cleared and when the fireworks lit the sky at Nags Head Pier, it was a beautiful evening to watch the show.

From the top of Jockey’s Ridge, the Manteo and Nags Head fireworks are clearly visible. The action isn’t quite as close as being on the beach on in downtown Manteo, but it’s a very different and glorious way to watch the show.

The next big event for Kitty Hawk Kites is the Wright Kite Festival held at the Wright Brothers Memorial on Saturday and Sunday, July 18 and 19, 10:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. both days.

The Wright Kite Festival is a fantastic family event. Giant kites fill the sky all day, so there will be no doubt that something is happening on the grounds. But what makes this so wonderful is how family oriented it is. There are kite flying demos and lessons; for anyone who is unsure about flying a stunt kite, this is a great opportunity to see what it’s all about.

For kids there is kite making time, and the kites really fly.

It will be two great days at the Memorial, so for anyone visiting the Outer Banks that week, stop by and have some fun.

The Wright Kite Festival is a great example of how the National Park Service and local businesses can work together to make the Outer Banks experience a little more special. The festival, which is at least 35 years old, can only occur because of the active participation of the Park Service.

The Wright Kite Festival Schedule of Activities:

Large Display Kites

10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Kite Flying Lessons

11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Kite Making

12:00 PM – 3:00 PM